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  • Rachel Welcher

In the cool of the day

All I’ve ever wanted is to walk

with you in the cool of the day

like Adam and Eve did before

the fall of our hearts, to feel moss

under my feet, and your voice,

holy, holy, wholly present.

Before sweet fruit turned bitter,

and our eye beheld things

our arms could never lift. You

knew what goodness meant for us

and we doubted that. I still do

sometimes. I’m sorry.

All I've ever wanted is to talk

to you under the sun, to

tell you how much I love the

things you have made, how

the maple tree buds at the exact

moment I needed spring,

and the porch cat jumps

into my lap, to soften the

sharpness of grief.

You knew. You know. You are

the God of maple trees and

broken hearts. Of lilies and

sparrows, sand, and hair. You

hold our joy and lament with

equal care. All I’ve ever wanted

is to thank you for that, to stand

in that ancient garden and pray.


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